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Base Defense:
Can only be built around the entrance of a base and can fire at both ground and air units. It cannot move.
Flaks have an extremely strong armor. The more units shoots at it, the less effective each individual shot will be. Example: 100 M12 howitzers do 3 times as much damage as 10 M12 howitzers.

(Min range means the weapon range on non-firing enemies, the max range on currently firing enemies)

Tanks / ground vehicles: Have the advantage of being able to drive everywhere on the map except obstacles such as bases, rivers, mountains etc.
If they have no Antiair weapons, they are defenseless against air units.
They can leave the map via highways (who are in the middle of each map edge) to get to other maps.

Air units (Helicopters, airplanes and airships): Can navigate anywhere on the map, overfly obstacles and travel fast. They can shoot tanks, boats and trains (that do not have antiair weapons can) without that they can shoot back to the air units.
Air Units can leave the map via highways (are in the middle of each map edge) to get to other maps.

Aircraft carrier:
Send airunits (aircraft and helicopters) to different maps
- Click on the spinning radar of the aircraft carrier to send it troops
- Gold price depends on how many times you used the aircraft carrier per day and if you have bases on the target map
- Up to 5 air units can fly in on a map without a base (provided you are not over your group limit und military limit on all other maps added together, so it is not possible to park 5 planes on many maps without maintain the group limit and mp limit) | Panzer Quest | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum